I seriously have the best clients ever. It’s such a privilege to be trusted to document a wedding day, and I will never take it for granted.

What an amazing ride this past wedding season has been! Driving around the country, slipping over in the mud, getting drenched in the rain… (and having my camera’s malfunction…eeek, don’t worry I had a back up), dancing with strangers, working long hours, cracking dumb jokes to ease wedding day stress, laughing until I cried, pushing the limits and meeting the most incredible people and sharing their most treasured day with them. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I seriously love my job

Thank you to all my couples. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for feeding me and offering me cups of tea. Thanks you for letting me tell your story 🙂

A huge thank you to all my second shooters from the season too – Kenrick, Natalie, Samantha, Hamish, Amber, Jill and Fay – you all are amazing! 🙂

I’m one wedding away from finishing the NZ 2015/16 season, and then its off to Europe to enjoy some sun and to shoot some more!

I’ve included at least one image from every wedding I’ve photographed since July 2015. I hope you enjoy!

Coralee Stone x
Coralee Stone Photographer_0177 Coralee Stone Photographer_0187Coralee Stone Photographer_0209 Coralee Stone Photographer_0203Coralee Stone Photographer_0197Coralee Stone Photographer_0183Coralee Stone Photographer_0184Coralee Stone Photographer_0185Coralee Stone Photographer_0195Coralee Stone Photographer_0212Coralee Stone Photographer_0251Coralee Stone Photographer_0230Coralee Stone Photographer_0179Coralee Stone Photographer_0246Coralee Stone Photographer_0254Coralee Stone Photographer_0242Coralee Stone Photographer_0259Coralee Stone Photographer_0255Coralee Stone Photographer_0295Coralee Stone Photographer_0302Coralee Stone Photographer_0261Coralee Stone Photographer_0178Coralee Stone Photographer_0174Coralee Stone Photographer_0175Coralee Stone Photographer_0199Coralee Stone Photographer_0173Coralee Stone Photographer_0169Coralee Stone Photographer_0186Coralee Stone Photographer_0201Coralee Stone Photographer_0214Coralee Stone Photographer_0205Coralee Stone Photographer_0226Coralee Stone Photographer_0229Coralee Stone Photographer_0237Coralee Stone Photographer_0263Coralee Stone Photographer_0243Coralee Stone Photographer_0268C&C Preview - Coralee Stone (3 of 19)Coralee Stone Photographer_0235Coralee Stone Photographer_0281Coralee Stone Photographer_0189 Coralee Stone Photographer_0190Coralee Stone Photographer_0167Coralee Stone Photographer_0264 Coralee Stone Photographer_0238Coralee Stone Photographer_0275 Coralee Stone Photographer_0265 Coralee Stone Photographer_0276 Coralee Stone Photographer_0272Coralee Stone Photographer_0271Coralee Stone Photographer_0278Coralee Stone Photographer_0274Coralee Stone Photographer_0303Coralee Stone Photographer_0270Coralee Stone Photographer_0280Coralee Stone Photographer_0217Coralee Stone Photographer_0269Coralee Stone Photographer_0225Coralee Stone Photographer_0250Coralee Stone Photographer_0211Coralee Stone Photographer_0236Coralee Stone Photographer_0180Coralee Stone Photographer_0266Coralee Stone Photographer_0202Coralee Stone Photographer_0291Coralee Stone Photographer_0308Coralee Stone Photographer_0282Coralee Stone Photographer_0239Coralee Stone Photographer_0249Coralee Stone Photographer_0301Coralee Stone Photographer_0283Coralee Stone Photographer_0210Coralee Stone Photographer_0194Coralee Stone Photographer_0216C&C Preview - Coralee Stone (16 of 19)Coralee Stone Photographer_0258Coralee Stone Photographer_0256Coralee Stone Photographer_0176Coralee Stone Photographer_0181Coralee Stone Photographer_0279 Coralee Stone Photographer_0234Coralee Stone Photographer_0273Coralee Stone Photographer_0228Coralee Stone Photographer_0260Coralee Stone Photographer_0204Coralee Stone Photographer_0232Coralee Stone Photographer_0223Coralee Stone Photographer_0221Coralee Stone Photographer_0297Coralee Stone Photographer_0224Coralee Stone Photographer_0296Coralee Stone Photographer_0310Coralee Stone Photographer_0299Coralee Stone Photographer_0288Coralee Stone Photographer_0285Coralee Stone Photographer_0298Coralee Stone Photographer_0289View More: http://coraleestone.pass.us/nichole-and-ryan-weddingCoralee Stone Photographer_0300Coralee Stone Photographer_0262Coralee Stone Photographer_0252View More: http://coraleestone.pass.us/jane-and-jonathonCoralee Stone Photographer_0304Coralee Stone Photographer_0196Coralee Stone Photographer_0307View More: http://coraleestone.pass.us/victoria-and-david-weddingCoralee Stone Photographer_0294

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