Back in October I had a wild time of organising my very own styled shoot.

Some wonderful people came onboard, saw my vision and worked their magic with me!

The biggest thank you must go to Charlotte & Harry for giving away a windy, Sunday arvo to model for me. But just look at them. How could I not have asked them!

Thank you to the talented Antonia from MarkAntonia who created that wonderful bouquet, Secret Lace Bridal who donated that beautiful Daughters of Simone dress, Ashlee the founder of Beauty on Demand who did such a superb job with Charlotte’s hair and make up, Brendon from Fox & Follow who filmed some footage for me (to be seen in the near distant future) and the most amazing Jess & Jared from Two Foxes styled the whole day so beautifully! Also a big thank you to Ashka for coming along and helping out as well 🙂

It was such a rad day! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed creating them

Coralee Stone Photographer_0122 Coralee Stone Photographer_0123 Coralee Stone Photographer_0124Coralee Stone Photographer_0125Coralee Stone Photographer_0127Coralee Stone Photographer_0126Coralee Stone Photographer_0130 Coralee Stone Photographer_0129Coralee Stone Photographer_0128Coralee Stone Photographer_0133Coralee Stone Photographer_0132Coralee Stone Photographer_0134Coralee Stone Photographer_0141Coralee Stone Photographer_0143Coralee Stone Photographer_0142Coralee Stone Photographer_0144Coralee Stone Photographer_0136Coralee Stone Photographer_0140Coralee Stone Photographer_0138Coralee Stone Photographer_0139Coralee Stone Photographer_0137Coralee Stone Photographer_0145Coralee Stone Photographer_0146Coralee Stone Photographer_0148Coralee Stone Photographer_0149Coralee Stone Photographer_0156Coralee Stone Photographer_0152Coralee Stone Photographer_0151Coralee Stone Photographer_0153Coralee Stone Photographer_0155Coralee Stone Photographer_0154Coralee Stone Photographer_0160Coralee Stone Photographer_0157Coralee Stone Photographer_0159Coralee Stone Photographer_0158Coralee Stone Photographer_0162Coralee Stone Photographer_0161Coralee Stone Photographer_0163Coralee Stone Photographer_0164Coralee Stone Photographer_0165

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